What it’s used for:

With this castration system, animals castrated later benefit from the greater development produced by testosterone compared to animals that are castrated at birth.

How to use:

The castrator comes with elastic castration bands that have a locking mechanism specially designed by Digirodeo. They are placed on the calf’s testicles, and after 30 days, the animal is castrated. We suggest that the animal receive two doses of tetanus vaccine at the time of placing the castration band. It is common to see the scrotum swell slightly after application, but it will later dry up and lose volume. The band has the necessary tension to continue tightening the scrotum even as it loses its original volume.

  • Easy to apply.
  • No blood or cuts.
  • Eliminates flystrike.
  • Painless for the animal (enhances animal welfare).
  • Utilizes the growth promoted by testosterone.
  • 1 DGR Castrator.
  • 1 Protective eyewear.
  • 5 Castration bands.
  • 1 Tool carrying case.

(*) Bags of 50 Castration Bands sold separately.

  • We suggest that the animal arrives with 2 (TWO) doses of tetanus vaccine applied.
  • DO NOT castrate newborn animals.
  • Apply the band from 2 to 3 months of age.
  • Use on animals up to 250 kg in weight.
  • The scrotal sac will drop within 3 to 4 weeks after placement.


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