Cooler Box


What it’s for:

The Digirodeo Cooler Box is used for transporting and keeping vaccines cool, as well as maintaining needle hygiene during vaccinations and treatments. It also features a digital thermometer on the lid for monitoring internal temperature.

How to use:

Each Smart Syringe is placed in the syringe holder to ensure that the cold chain is not interrupted during application. The cooler box has a compartment where the needle is automatically disinfected.

  • Complies with SENASA and FDA regulations.
  • Thermal insulation on its entire surface.
  • Compact and robust, resistant to impacts.
  • Allows placement of up to 4 Syringes of any brand, depending on the model, thanks to its adjustable nozzles.
  • The nozzles help maintain the temperature in the syringe barrels, preventing overheating from sun exposure.
  • Keeps medications, veterinary tools, and temperature organized.
  • Sun rays do not alter the internal temperature.
  • 14-liter capacity.
  • Thermal insulation with EPS on the entire surface.
  • Injection-molded.
  • Impact-resistant.
  • 2 Digirodeo Syringe Holders.
  • Digital monitor for internal temperature.
  • 4 Digirodeo Thermal Gels.
  • Removable disinfectant tubes.
  • Dimensions: 35 x 24 x 30 cm.

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