Digicloud Platform


What it’s for:

The Digicloud platform collects the data generated by digital tools (Smart Syringes, Digitag, Reading Arches) in the cloud. It stores, organizes, tabulates, and backs up the data. The fact that the data is tabulated allows for analysis and, therefore, turning it into information for decision-making.

How it’s used:

The Digicloud platform transforms the data into productive management indicators that enable simple and timely control of operations. Simultaneously, it builds the traceability of the product (who it is) and the process (what is done) for each individual and their corresponding herd. This way, not only can registered events and associated values (such as weighings, for example) be analyzed, but also the evolution of each animal and herd can be seen in a profound analysis.

  • Data analysis tool.
  • Information about your ranch’s location.
  • Animal management.
  • Tracking of target weights.de rural.
  • Measurement of your ranch’s performance.
  • Building the history of all your animals.
  • Utilization of information to create groups.
  • User profile management (Producer / Veterinarian / Vaccination Entity).
  • Organization and Establishment Management.
  • Management of Digirodeo peripherals associated with the user.
  • Livestock Dashboard (Livestock Analytics).
  • Management indicators by event type.
  • 4 levels of analysis: Company / Establishment / Batch / Animal.